Tuesday, 13 February 2018

Dellow's Diary - Week 6

Had another pleasant little week, despite the dramatic 'cold snap' we were warned of on Monday morning.

My weeks have been so full of work and decorating, I haven't had time to go out and try a new yoga class yet, since moving to Sheffield. I loved my class in Royston (Wednesday nights at 7pm, if you're local and looking!) and went to it for over four years. For now, I'm trying out Yoga with Adriene on Youtube and rather enjoying it! It's amazing how much more like myself it makes me feel. 

Finished the week with a lovely weekend of charity shop shopping, mashed potatoes and jigsaws!

Thursday, 8 February 2018

Dellow's Diary Week 5

This week I went to a Speed-mateing event at Union St, organised by Girl Gang Sheffield. It was such a unique experience - over 50 ladies all in one room, getting to know each other! It was LOUD but so much fun... and I did indeed make some lovely new friends! On Sunday, my boyfriend Lee flew to Boston with work for the week, giving me some bonding time with my new crib (ie. watching gilmore girls). But before that, we fitted in some fun food, a gig and a cinema trip...

...and I hate to sound like I'm bragging, but I did also smuggle a Pizza Hut into the cinema once.

Here is a link to find out more about Girl Gang events and their next Speed-mateing session!

Tuesday, 30 January 2018

Dellow's Diary! (...of an Illustrator) Week 4

It's been a bit of a mad January really, lots of nitty gritty jobs as I've been sorting out the house I moved from and organising myself at the new one. I have had some lovely new commissions come in this week, plus a new cosy sofa and nice food to brighten up the cold and busy days!

I think Porter Pizza might be my most favourite pizza on the market. #justsaying

Tuesday, 23 January 2018

Dellow's Diary! (...of an Illustrator) Week 3

Another pretty busy week of unpacking, settling in and work jobs! Here are some of the nice things I did, watched and ate! I hope you had a pleasant week!

Tuesday, 16 January 2018

Dellow's Diary! (...of an Illustrator) Week 2

I haven't been able to fully experience the joys yet of working from home and focusing solely on my freelance business, as I have also been dealing with another life changing event - moving house! I loved my house to bits, but I'm very excited to have moved to Sheffield and be settling in to my shiny new studio!

So last week I had a mix of work days and house-sorting/packing days, interspersed with some Netflix and yoga...

Monday, 8 January 2018

Dellow's Diary! (...of an Illustrator) Week 1


Hello! I'm sorry I've been quiet for a while (and I'm sorry I've said that before!) but loads of stuff has been happening... apologising for not posting lately is (after today) a thing of the past for me. The last few months of 2017 in particular were a whirlwind of busy-ness, lots of exciting stuff, but it was also exhausting and it was lovely to have a much needed break over Christmas.

I had some really exciting commissions that popped up, including illustrations for a card game and spot illustrations for a humorous non-fiction title. I can't share the artwork just yet, but have other commission work I will share soon.

For now, I'm sharing a new little project I've set for myself. As you may have seen on my Instagram or Facebook, I recently took the leap to full time freelance after working at UK Greetings for the last five years. Aside from live brief work, I knew it would do me good to get into the daily habit of drawing something about my day in my sketchbook. I might share bits as I go along on instagram, but this is more of a blog thing - I'll post a round up here every week.

So, here is my first week of Dellow's Diary! I hope you enjoy!

Monday, 25 September 2017

Pop up shop in The Civic, Barnsley

This year has been such an exciting one and I had a crazily busy Summer! So I’m being very useful now and showing you some exhibitions that my work was in, even though they are now over, because I’m very helpful like that! But I did share on my twitter, Facebook and instagram, so hopefully you didn’t miss them.

One of the exciting things was my ‘pop up shop’ artist showcase at The Civic, Barnsley.

Sheffield Town Hall Limited Edition Screenprint

Barnsley Town Hall and Yorkshire Terraces digital prints

The Civic reopened as a theatre and art space in 2009, after being closed for over ten years. My main memory before that was from when I performed in a dance show there as a very small child. My dance partner kindly jilted me as we were about to go on stage. Not knowing what to do, I ended up standing still with my back to the audience.* It was good to create a much nicer memory of the Civic in my adult life by showing my work here!

The curators at The Civic did a fabulous job of displaying my work…

Selection of mugs, prints, postcards, zine and colouring book,
available on my etsy shop.

Hand printed tote bags and selection of prints
including Sharrow Vale Road Screenprint

*My skills at thinking on my feet have improved greatly since my days of being a tap-dancing tot. In fact, I believe I am good at it, both in my career and in my freestyle dance moves (I left the choreographed dance world behind me soon after the incident).

Sunday, 24 September 2017


Another show for my work this summer was in the Up There exhibition at APG Works gallery in Sheffield. My Sheffield Town Hall piece was selected to be displayed – here is me and my print at the preview evening!

You can still buy the Sheffield Town Hall screen print on my etsy shop.

Friday, 22 September 2017

My illustrations and gifts at Calver Gallery, Bradford

This summer, I exhibited a selection of my pieces at the Calver Gallery at South Square Centre in Thornton, Bradford. A range of my screenprints were chosen along with my mugs, colouring book and Cantastic Cookbook zine as part of their Made:Yorkshire exhibition.

I am delighted to say that even though the exhibition has now ended, the Calver Gallery has remained a stockist - they have kept my pieces on display and are still available to buy.

South Square Centre is well worth a visit, it has a lovely gallery, shop and cafe in a very cute, historic building; in the village where the Brontes were born. Some of the other artists in this Yorkshire themed exhibition - whose work is seen alongside mine in these photos - were Sam Groom, Katch Skinner, Sonal Mistry and Maggie Magoo Designs. All of which are extremely talented and I was very proud to be showing with them.