Tuesday, 14 May 2013

Christmas Village

It's been a crazy time lately... As well as handing in my first practical module for my MA coursework, I've been busy developing my portfolio for my agent to show at PG Live and Surtex - exciting!!

Here is something I worked on last week. I actually did three different scenes in this style, but I'm not sure I should be filling up my blog with so much Christmas stuff really, since everybody is in summer mode. So I thought I'd share just one!


  1. Just saw your stuff on Print & Pattern and found your blog from there.

    All of your work is magical...

    ...especially the rabbit on "party hat time" with a pair of knickers on its head!

    1. Aaaah thankyou so much!! I'm really happy my work has reached the print&pattern readers!! I really appreciate the lovely comment, thankyou! I'm glad you liked the knickers rabbit hehe!! :D