Monday, 25 September 2017

Pop up shop in The Civic, Barnsley

This year has been such an exciting one and I had a crazily busy Summer! So I’m being very useful now and showing you some exhibitions that my work was in, even though they are now over, because I’m very helpful like that! But I did share on my twitter, Facebook and instagram, so hopefully you didn’t miss them.

One of the exciting things was my ‘pop up shop’ artist showcase at The Civic, Barnsley.

Sheffield Town Hall Limited Edition Screenprint

Barnsley Town Hall and Yorkshire Terraces digital prints

The Civic reopened as a theatre and art space in 2009, after being closed for over ten years. My main memory before that was from when I performed in a dance show there as a very small child. My dance partner kindly jilted me as we were about to go on stage. Not knowing what to do, I ended up standing still with my back to the audience.* It was good to create a much nicer memory of the Civic in my adult life by showing my work here!

The curators at The Civic did a fabulous job of displaying my work…

Selection of mugs, prints, postcards, zine and colouring book,
available on my etsy shop.

Hand printed tote bags and selection of prints
including Sharrow Vale Road Screenprint

*My skills at thinking on my feet have improved greatly since my days of being a tap-dancing tot. In fact, I believe I am good at it, both in my career and in my freestyle dance moves (I left the choreographed dance world behind me soon after the incident).

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