House Portraits

Monday 27 February 2023


I recently bought myself a copy of Making Comics by Lynda Barry and I've started working through the exercises, which begin with monsters. I was enjoying coming up with different ways to draw them, so decided to fill a spread with lots of different monsters, having no plan and making them up as I drew. 

Not sure which is my favourite, maybe the alien looking thing with long spirally arms, on the left?! Although the fluffy one on the right hand page with big eyes keeps looking at me!

Thursday 2 February 2023

BBC TINY HAPPY PEOPLE - Some of my latest illustrations

I thought I'd share some of my illustrations I've worked on recently for BBC Tiny Happy People. I've been working with this super special client for a few years now and I'm grateful that we have such a good relationship.

It's always fun to work with their bold colour palette and add humour and warmth to their parenting briefs. It's given me lots of practice for drawing lots of babies and toddlers too!

I was over the moon when this Father's Day post
last year got such an amazing response!

Friday 13 January 2023

PUBLISHING DAY for Be Confident Be You - The Teenage Guide

Last week was publishing day for Be Confident Be You! I absolutely loved illustrating this book for Becky Goddard Hill, published by Harper Collins. 

The book is a sequel to Be Happy Be You, a book I also illustrated the spot illustrations for. It means a lot to me to work on wellbeing topics for children and young adults - the memorable tools and exercises in these books can make such a big difference and their effects can last a lifetime.

Thursday 8 December 2022

NEW SCREEN PRINT - Bolehills View

My ✨shiny new screenprint✨ is now live on my Etsy shop!

This is one I’ve thought about for a long time. I used to live right near it - a beautiful, vast, complicated view that seemed too intimidating to say I would draw one day. But finally, I did! Please say hello to my ‘Bolehills View’.

A limited edition of just 60 with four colours - each one printed by hand. Available to buy here.

Friday 11 November 2022

PUBLISHING DAY for Step Up: My Anti-Bullying Activity Book

It is 🎉PUBLISHING DAY🎉 for Step Up: My Anti-Bullying Activity Book!

This is the fourth in the series that I illustrated, by Upside Down Books at @welbeckpublish and on a topic that’s very close to my heart.

I was bullied in secondary school and I ended up moving schools because of it. Nowadays, children are learning from a younger age about things like feelings, kindness and friendships, leading to better awareness of mental health. I hope this means that they are less likely to bully or be bullied, but of course, it still happens and at any age - from young kids learning about how to treat others, to adults in workplaces or relationships. 

I hope books like this will plant little seeds for healthy friendships, communication and confidence, while being a lovely activity book that’s packed with fun things to do!

Friday 21 October 2022

NEW CHRISTMAS CARDS - My new lettering designs for 2022


Hello! I thought I'd share with you some new designs new to my shop this week. I know it's super early (I'm sorry!), but some eager beavers have been asking if I have any new Christmas card designs this year. The answer is yes and they arrived this week!

I'm excited about the new lettering designs, they were so much fun to work on! Plus, a new Hendo's card for the hardcore relish fans!

These are now live on my Etsy shop! Thanks for looking. Hope you have a great week!