House Portraits

Monday 12 March 2018

Dellow's Diary Week 10

Last week was good, a mix of work and house renovating (again...) interspersed with some lovely treaty food and outings and even a spot of adulting (check out the DIY skills...) hope you had a lovely week!

P.S. Spring is coming!

Wednesday 7 March 2018

Dellow's Diary - Week 9

This week was the ice blast that snowed me and a lot of the country into the house for days. I feel very aware at the moment of how long it's taking to finish renovating my old house... So it was nice to be 'powerless' due to the snow and stay in the studio, concentrating on my work for most of the week! I had commissions to work on so it was good to get my head down and listen to lots of podcasts, getting out for some fresh air when I needed to venture to the post office. I am massively grateful that I don't have to worry about driving in it anymore - even though working from home means I no longer get to sit and watch disney films all day because it's a 'snow day'!