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Thursday 13 February 2020

Children's Wellbeing Activity Books

I'm delighted to announce one of the projects that were keeping me oh so quiet last year... two beautiful and brilliantly written activity books, published by Upside Down Books - the new children’s imprint of wellbeing publisher, Trigger Publishing.

It'll Be OK: My Feelings Activity Book

Each book features 64 illustrated pages of thoughtful and fun activities to help kids learn about the themes of feelings and mindfulness. It was such a joy to be given a major role in bringing all these practical exercises to life. 

Chill Out: My Mindfulness Activity Book

It makes me happy to see mental health being talked about in books, at home and in schools from a young age nowadays, and I can't wait to share more about these fabulous books. I will leave it there for now however, as there’s still a few months to go before the books are published. You can pre-order the books here (it was an exciting day when I found I was Amazon-able ☺️)!