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Wednesday 13 July 2022

GLASTONBURY CAKE - My latest creation!

Thought I would share a different kind of creative project I worked on recently... 

Recently we celebrated 40 years of wonderful Lee, my lovely other half who totally deserved a super special cake!

Glastonbury Festival is Lee’s favourite place and always happens around his birthday, so even though the festival was last month, it seemed like the perfect theme for his cake.

I got the plain iced green and blue tiers delivered (baking the cake myself would have been a step too far!) and I had my illustrations printed on to icing. I also had some help from a friend who helped make lots of excellent fondant tents for me when I was getting short on time! I constructed the pyramid stage myself from a tesco loaf cake, which is why it’s rather bumpy and of which I am still proud!

My previous experience of cake decorating consisted solely of sticking smarties or sprinkles on to runny icing, so I really didn’t see it as an option at first to decorate it myself… but as my ideas formed and I knew how I wanted it, I decided to just give it a go myself! 

The birthday boy loved his cake… and I’m still enjoying eating it :)