House Portraits

Wednesday 30 May 2018

My Sketchbook Diary, Week 21 - featuring Karen O, lollipops and broken chairs

As the last straggler bits got sold and collected from Ebay, I prepared myself for a mad month coming up. With three London trips over the next month, the first would be for All Points East festival! I loved watching LCD Soundsystem, Soulwax and taking a trip down memory lane with the Yeah Yeah Yeahs. It was sweltering hot weather and poor Lee had to put up with me verbally expressing my exhaustion and aching feet as we walked for what felt like miles, before realising we had left the tickets behind! I insisted I needed a lolly on Sunday before we drove back from sweaty London.

Tuesday 22 May 2018

My Sketchbook Diary, Week 20 - featuring strange eating habits, unusual instruments & pink jackets!

It was royal wedding week! Ooh, I love a good royal wedding. I set up camp with my blanket on the sofa, wore red and blue and had a little party for one. We went to an uber-controversial Radio 3 gig this week at the Picturehouse Social Club. The artists handed out sheets of words to everyone in the audience and got us all to shout the words at random to take part in the art. It tickled me. I also welcomed into my life my new pink jacket! It's super bright and super cool! I will add a picture below of the moment I tried on said jacket... and you can see how cool I look.

Wednesday 16 May 2018

All the naughty foods!

I thought I would share some food illustration I've been working on recently. As you might already know, I have been drawing what I eat for a while now and I made a cookbook zine last year. I want to illustrate more food commercially, for magazines or publishing, particularly because I am so passionate about the subject. Books and magazines about food are my favourite types to read (yep, I even like to read cook books in bed). I know my black and white food drawings don't look super edible, so I'm taking some time to add more colourful dishes to my portfolio.

I've got lots of ideas for other projects I could do from this... but for now, I'll just keep it simple and say 'so here's a load of dirty food I've eaten lately'! I'll try to make my next food post a healthy one!

Tuesday 15 May 2018

My Sketchbook Diary, Week 19 - featuring failed BBQ's, bowling & Eurovision!

I had a delightfully retro bowling experience at MFA Bowl in Sheffield this week. They were playing back to back Beegees (which became quite amusing) and the machine that places the pins kept playing up. It also kept giving me extra goes for no reason! I think this made it all the more fun! I also tried - for the first time in my life - one of those machines you put 20p in and get loose sweets out! Despite the unhygienic nature of getting the bare naked sweets out of the bit where all manner of children's dirty hands have been, this also added to the excitement of the excursion.

Monday 14 May 2018

My Sketchbook Diary, Week 18 - featuring Peddler Market, Mad Men and a little bit of disco dancing!


I'm back with my sketchbook diary, I'm sorry it's been a while! As you know, I'd been renovating my old house and it was taking aaages. It was really hard splitting my time between that and getting newly full time freelancing off the ground, so in the end, I wrote off the month of April to get the house finished once and for all. It was tough, but it was probably good for me to switch off from work things and just focus on that. I'm so glad to be back to my work (full time for real, finally!) but I've got some catching up to do on here!

I've been keeping up with my sketchbook but not the blogging. So I'm going to post last weeks and then backtrack a little at a time. Despite all the grotty cleaning jobs and pain-inducing decorating (yes, really! I'm on Naproxen!) there has been some mega fun times to fill you in on! I had an amazing trip to New York, a fun weekend in Copenhagen and I'm oh so grateful for the sunshine we've had! So watch this space (well, maybe scroll backwards every now and then!) to see what's been keeping me quiet.

Thankyou so much for reading my blog. I know commenting on blogs is a bit old school but I'm an old school person really - I would love to hear what you think!

It was great to get back to a working routine this week and get ready for my first Peddler Market of the year. For anyone who doesn't know, Peddler's takes place in Kelham Island at 92 Burton Road - a big warehouse building with some outdoor bits too. They get different gorgeous food and drink stalls in and several artists/makers each month. It gets super busy and has a great atmosphere!

I was excited to show my new extended collection of Sheffield Mini Prints! Previously, the 'Kelham Collection' featured Alfred Beckett & Sons, The Chimney House, the Kelham Island Tavern and Green Lane Works. I've been working on some new prints to add to the collection, which now also features the Fat Cat Kelham, the Three Tuns, the University Arms and the much loved old Henderson's Relish Factory. You can click on the names to see them in my Etsy shop.

You'll also spot we went to Blue Moon Cafe in Sheffield. I love this down to earth cafe, they serve different vegan and veggie mains with a choice of healthy side salads, a good spot in the city centre for when you're fancying something healthy!

Lastly, we went to a lovely wedding reception where I took a spin around the dance floor with my lovely other half, Lee! He's got some really good moves.