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Tuesday 22 May 2018

My Sketchbook Diary, Week 20 - featuring strange eating habits, unusual instruments & pink jackets!

It was royal wedding week! Ooh, I love a good royal wedding. I set up camp with my blanket on the sofa, wore red and blue and had a little party for one. We went to an uber-controversial Radio 3 gig this week at the Picturehouse Social Club. The artists handed out sheets of words to everyone in the audience and got us all to shout the words at random to take part in the art. It tickled me. I also welcomed into my life my new pink jacket! It's super bright and super cool! I will add a picture below of the moment I tried on said jacket... and you can see how cool I look.

1 comment:

  1. L❤VE the jacket and sneakers! Blue and pink, baby colours ��
    Lovely to see you'VE got your business and brand up'n running.
    Well done you!