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Sunday, 31 July 2011

My workspace

I always love when in books and magazines, I find pictures of illustrator's studios! I shall take some more next time it's a bit tidier than it is now! But here is one I had to hand of my desk, when I was in the process of doing my final project, hence the messiness! Clearly I had decided to procrastinate a little by taking random photos...

I have a very considerate co-habiting boyfriend, who doesn't mind me taking up the whole attic for my work! We do have a guest bed up there too... which comes in handy for when I need to curl up and be inspired by my lovely books, or occasionally have dropped off to sleep in days of final year exhaustion!

I love my special pens! I got my coloured Stabilo fineliners and felt tips from a huge supermarket in Bahrain when visiting my friend! If you ever get chance to go to Bahrain, get yourself to the shops for some art supplies! They are mega cheap over there!!

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