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Friday 2 April 2021

NEW BOOK: Nice Things to Send to a Friend

New to my Etsy shop! Nice Things to Send to a Friend is a book of sweet things to colour, write, make and send - or send to a friend to do! 

Available to buy on my Etsy shop.

Activities include letter paper, colouring sheets, things to write, draw and make.

The snail mail goodies can be completed by yourself and sent to a friend, or you can send to a friend to do. Fill in a list to get to know each other better, pop a bookmark in with a birthday card, send a friend a colouring sheet for some mindful relaxation... or send the whole book as a gift, so someone else can spread the joy! Simple ways to brighten a day!

You can find Nice Things to Send to a Friend on my Etsy shop here.

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