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Friday 11 November 2022

PUBLISHING DAY for Step Up: My Anti-Bullying Activity Book

It is 🎉PUBLISHING DAY🎉 for Step Up: My Anti-Bullying Activity Book!

This is the fourth in the series that I illustrated, by Upside Down Books at @welbeckpublish and on a topic that’s very close to my heart.

I was bullied in secondary school and I ended up moving schools because of it. Nowadays, children are learning from a younger age about things like feelings, kindness and friendships, leading to better awareness of mental health. I hope this means that they are less likely to bully or be bullied, but of course, it still happens and at any age - from young kids learning about how to treat others, to adults in workplaces or relationships. 

I hope books like this will plant little seeds for healthy friendships, communication and confidence, while being a lovely activity book that’s packed with fun things to do!

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