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Friday, 4 January 2013

A man in my sketchbook

I've been working only in my sketchbook recently to try to concentrate on my own creativity and not think 'preciously' about finished outcomes (or rather to think as little as possible).

I've been thinking a lot lately (and researching for my MA) about how I can create as freely as possible and how things like the materials I use might influence this. These square sketchbooks I get from Paperchase have a slight scruffiness about them that keeps me from entering the 'this needs to be perfect' mode! These are a few of the pages from my sketchbook that I did recently, of/about a little man I've started drawing - a slightly eccentric man who likes to dance and collect antique furniture.

For a sketchbook experiment, I flicked through journals in the library and found charts and diagrams etc, things I could subvert/draw around/cut up. This is how I did the second and third images, while working in the library.

I asked at the service desk (where they sell stationary) if they had any tracing paper and they didn't, but the security guard (who was chatting to the service desk man) said 'you could use toilet roll, the toilet roll here is like tracing paper'. I laughed but thought it was actually a good idea. So that's what the man on the sofa was drawn on!

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