House Portraits

Saturday 12 January 2013

OCEAN part way through...

Crikey. Well I think I underestimated how long this would take but the design has continued to develop in my has as I'm going along... So I said a one day project - it may be literally 24 hours yet!

I've stepped away from the paper mache for a late lunch. As a child I used to wonder why I loved watching Art Attack but never really tried to make any of the things on the programme. Now I am glad I didn't. That programme really was a little dishonest about paper mache. It takes forever!!! And that bit where Neil Buchanan would cover it in tissue at the end and it would magically make it all white and lovely and ready to paint, that has turned out to be the least fun and stickiest messiest bit so far! Really enjoy the bit with paper though, therapeutic and fun.

I'm spending ages constructing this little boat for my illustration even though it's only a part of it! But I like a challenge and am trying a new way of constructing an image.

Having great fun despite the rant about paper mache. Did feel reminded of how nice it feels to get PVA glue allover your hands then peel it off.


  1. It looks cool! I remember for an art project at GCSE my mum told me to make up the paper mache as usual, only put it in a blender when it's all mixed up. To my surprise it made a very versatile paper concrete substance! Very easy to mould into all sorts of shapes, I made a scary mask out of it, great fun! (Just remember to wash the blender out instantly, unless you want PVA flavoured smoothies!).

    1. WOW that's a brilliant tip!!!! Thanks for that!!
      I like your blog! It's mega cool that you've been teaching yourself!! :D
      Thanks again, it's nice to have a comment too, hooray!!